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How British Government finance works – by the stand-up comic who worked for Education Secretary Michael Gove
20th Januuary 2014

Why UK comic Richard Herring thinks creating free comedy will make money
20th January 2014

The death of comic aircraft impressionist and British eccentric Chris Luby
16th January 2014

One specific example of how watching stand-up comedy can change your life
13th January 2014

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist’s Ex-Wife Pulls Gun
10th January 2014

What they actually said when anarchic UK comedian Malcolm Hardee died in 2005
6th January 2014

The death of an amazing British eccentric performer
16th December 2013

“Being a stockbroker is like being a comedian” says Russia Today’s Max Keiser
11th December 2013

Adventure, mass murder and bananas. It’s the perfect Edinburgh Fringe comedy show
9th December 2013

Has the Edinburgh Free Fringe split apart again?
7th December 2013

Lest we forget: West Berlin in 1985 and the Belsen concentration camp in 1945
6th December 2013

Revealed: who actually originally said that “comedy is the new rock ‘n’ roll”
2nd December 2013

Glasgow gangland enforcer William Lobban lived The Glasgow Curse
27th November 2013

England in the 1960s: Corrupt cops, sado masochist whippings; gangsters The Kray Twins
31st October 2013

Free Fringe in Edinburgh to be ended?
22nd October 2013

While in Nairobi during the Al-Shabaab attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall
22nd October 2013

Scots comedian Del Strain talks about treason and independence for Scotland
15th October 2013

The final months of punk rocker Paul Fox of The Ruts: he never surrendered
20th September 2013

Feminist female comedians agree there are different types of rape
17th September 2013

“Women are idiotic, shambolic, funny and stupid,” says foolish British comic
16th September 2013

Eccentric comedy adventurer Tim Fitzhigham talks futtocks and of rowing a bathtub across the English Channel
10th September 2013

UK comic Arthur Smith and critic Copstick talk comedy & hard core pornography
6th September 2013

Edinburgh Fringe act reveals he was beaten up by his partner to get publicity
23rd August 2013

American comedian Laura Levites left destitute by crowd funding her Edinburgh Fringe show
23rd August 2013

At the Edinburgh Fringe, Jimmy Savile show actor beaten up in the street
16th August 2013

A new religion rises, as Fascism rears its comedy head at the Edinburgh Fringe
5th August 2013

Chris Dangerfield cancels his Edinburgh Fringe shows after death threats
29th January 2013

Heroin wholesaling in Scotland; why comedian Del Strain was shot in the leg
27th January 2013

The day English comedians Malcolm Hardee & Ricky Grover broke into a zoo
25th July 2013

Why London gangster Ronnie Kray really shot George Cornell inside the Blind Beggar pub in 1966
22nd July 2013

Juliette Burton on what it’s like to sing at Scotland’s T in The Park rock festival
15th January 2013

Mr Methane reports from World Fart Championships in Finland
15th January 2013

The British comedian who battled anorexia and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act – and what God said
9th July 2013

The real truth about UK magician Paul Zenon’s plot to kidnap David Blaine using scantily-clad girls and sausages
6th July 2013

British comedy stunts and the failed David Blaine kidnap plot in 2003
4th July 2013

Eggs acting standards: I was beaten by Simon Cowell’s stand-in
2nd July 2013

Krayzy Days – the UK’s Kray Twins, bombs, Monty Python and police corruption
27th June 2013

Harry Deansway: UK comedy publisher turns Edinburgh Fringe stand-up comic”
22nd June 2013

Australian comic John Robertson gets married in a chicken shed after a coma
22nd June 2013

Britain’s Sex Worker of The Year is looking for psychologist
14th June 2013

BBC TV: “You could not piss on the Queen and you had to be careful about Northern Ireland”
6th June 2013

The English legal system? It is a talent show for liars and spin-masters
3rd June 2013

Organised religion usually all ends in tears, discrimination and beheadings…
24th May 2013

Edinburgh Fringe BBC News crisis comedy
24th May 2013

Is the comedy business more important to the UK than the financial industry?
14th May 2013

Great slums of the world
7th May 2013

Chris Dangerfield’s new Edinburgh Fringe show
4th May 2013

British Lieutenant Colonel writes comedy novel about Sierra Leone war
2nd May 2013

British comic Matt Roper gets wet in Burma; scanned in a Bangkok hospital
1st May 2013

Sick British comedy critic Kate Copstick living in Kenya with a tiny black pussy
26th April 2013

New UK audio comedy label launches and initially gets 100% of its sales in US
23rd April 2013

Comedy critic Kate Copstick in Kenya
13th April 2013

Exquisite bad taste gets UK comedian Diane Spencer into trouble in Bahrain
3rd April 2013

Comedian Sameena Zehra, a homicidal pacifist, insists she really is quite mad
26th March 2013

Great Sexpectations in London this week and then socks sex shocks on Night of the Senses
18th March 2013

A spectacular Lions party in Kiev with sword fights and Red Hot Chilli Pipers12th March 2013

John Cage: the avant-garde composer who won millions in TV gameshows
2nd March 2013

The surreal world of accounting in the music business and the missing £500,000+
26th February 2013

India to host First Test Match in the Russian Egg Roulette Series
21st February 2013

At what point does ‘being famous’ start? Take these three Western comedians… Please.
21st February 2013

Comedy audiences “haven’t had a good night out unless they’ve thrown-up a few times, had a fight and punched their girlfriend”
19th February 2013

Are live UK comedy clubs doomed and is the future of British comedy online?
11th February 2013

British comedian Sarah Hendrickx has a mid-life crisis & plans to ride Gérard Depardieu
8th February 2013

Britain’s Mr Methane set to inspire Finnish nation at first ever World Fart Championships
7th February 2013

There was a comic in India, a comic in England and a comedy critic in Kenya…
6th February 2013

UK comedy legend Malcolm Hardee – Irresponsible, thoughtless or malicious?
31st January 2013

Gary The Goat court victory in Australia soon to become British comedy book/film
24th January 2013

Irish YouTube sensation Rubberbandits in shock BBC Jimmy Savile revelation
24th January 2013

“The Look of Love” – Paul Raymond’s Revuebar: striptease & false teeth
22nd January 2013

Good-bad comedy and bad-bad comedy on US and UK TV and at the Edinburgh Fringe
21st January 2013

British comedian Chris Dangerfield on his new show and starting up a sex business without the Chinese Triads
19th January 2013

Coming soon in London – Great Sexpectations, the Erotic Awards, The Night of the Senses
12th January 2013

Bouncing Czechs and Presidential pranks
11th January 2013

Scots comedian Janey Godley’s daughter Ashley returns to comedy and tells of lugs, bear and gangrel
10th January 2013

Late producer Gerry Anderson on his TV success, movie catastrophes and the state of pre-Thatcher Britain
27th December 2012

In the UK, why do BBC, ITV and Sky News not report what is happening in the world?
19th December 2012

Are all actors barking mad? The case of Daniel Day-Lewis even before “Lincoln”
27th November 2012

The Jewish problem: One scary Israeli lawyer’s journey from corset-wearer to stand-up comic
21st November 2012

The crisis in UK comedy according to outspoken club owner Noel Faulkner
19th November 2012

Kate Copstick in the slums of Kenya: ethnic tension, evictions and rent boys
10th November 2012

Canadian comedy court case: Loud lesbian heckler Or irate picked-upon punter?
9th November 2012

Kate Copstick now has links with African criminals and has started dealing drugs
7th November 2012

Comedian Chris Dangerfield: addicted to drugs
3rd November 2012

Crowd funding book on comedy inspired by Monty Python star
29th October 2012

The road to Hell – my defence of sexist, racist and (yes certainly) rape jokes
19th October 2012

British comedian Chris Dangerfield spent over £200,000 on Chinese prostitutes in London
13th October 2012

UK paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile – What I ‘knew’ but never reported years ago
12th October 2012

Comedian Luisa Omielan is targeting young girls, gays and Beyoncé fans
11th October 2012

In defence of rape jokes
4th October 2012

Canned Laughter aims to expose reel laughter at the Cannes Film Festival
20th September 2012

Lies, damned lies, lawyers and UK politicians
6th September 2012

American director-producer Paul Provenza wants more emotional reactions to comedy
3rd September 2012

Two Jews Jabbering About Sex, Drugs and Suicide at The Edinburgh Fringe
10th August 2012

Death threats to Edinburgh Fringe performer and attack on New York theater promoter
27th July 2012

The Twitter Fight That Went Viral and May Become a One-Night Edinburgh Fringe Event
19th July 2012

The death of UK comedy? London club owner speaks out
10th July 2012

Bobby Valentino: Surely not a £500,000 + music biz rip-off?
9th July 2012

The World egg throwing championship: cheaper and funnier than the Olympics
27th June 2012

Comedy scriptwriter unmasks capitalist economics as no better than voodoo
26th June 2012

US company bans “Whisky Fir Dummies” from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe
18th June 2012

One naked man among many (including Prince Philip) in London’s annual Naked Bike Ride
12th June 2012

5th annual Outlaugh Comedy Festival: Gay American comic would steal babies
12th June 2012

Should the British monarchy be replaced by a Republic?
6th June 2012

North Korea – Phallic monuments, war lies, famine and an interview with MI5
4th May 2012

North Korea – George Orwell’s pyramid looms over the capital city Pyongyang 26th April
26th April 2012

The new wild west of Europe and its new capital of Kiev
2nd April 2012

British comedy godfather Malcolm Hardee’s daughter attacks Jerusalem Marathon
15th March 2012

UK comedian Nik Coppin accused of racism in Australia
10th March 2012